Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bluff Collapse and Erosion is "Normal"

A recent bluff collapse in Encinitas reminds gives us an opportunity to look at how we manage an eroding shoreline and what we can expect more of in the future.

It's great to hear City engineer Greg Shields say: "It's been happening as long as the bluffs have been there. It's an ongoing erosion problem that is a natural occurrence, and what you witnessed today was a normal event."

He's absolutely right, and is a good reminder that these things happen, they happen all the time, and will continue to happen. It's probably a good idea to not build a house right up next to the bluff. Give the ocean some room, because "erosion happens."

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Public Money For Private Beaches? NJ Residents Opposed

A new poll finds that an overwhelming number of New Jersey residents think beaches that are replenished with public money should be publicly accessible.

A whopping 82% of people surveyed say the few inaccessible beach towns should become more accessible in exchange for beachfill money.

Story here http://www.northjersey.com/news/state/010311_Poll_Improved_beaches_should_be_open_to_public.html

But that is not the plan of NJ Governor Chris Christie. His DEP is about to change beach access rules to allow these inaccessible towns to get beachfill money. More from the August 2010 blog entry.

An Editorial Board agrees with the people of NJ here http://www.app.com/article/20110104/OPINION01/101050329/Don-t-relent-on-acces