Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missing - 3 Year Old...Beachfill

Missing: Three to four year-old beachfill.
Missing From: Surf City, NJ.
Missing Since: Winter 2010.
Features: Light, sand-colored
Distinguishing Marks: Unexploded ordnance
Last Seen: Possibly traveling south during one of the many Nor'Easters this winter.

Traveling With: Typically associates with Members of Congress and large amounts of taxpayer money.

If you see this sand, please call the Army Corps at 215-656-6515.

This picture above is not of a badly eroded beach that desperately needs beach replenishment. It is a picture of a beach that was replenished just a short time ago in the winter of 2006-2007 at a cost of roughly $5 Million. They dredged up unexploded ordnance (bombs and fuses) with it, and the cleanup cost about $25 million.
More from the Press of Atlantic City.

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GlennK said...

LOL! This what the politicians call job creation. Talk about sticking your head in the sand! Millions and millions even billions of tax payers $$ in front of rich people's vacation homes and the best part for them, it all just washes away and they then ask for more. These are I remind you the same nit wits that say no to decent Health care, schools, bridges and roads , etc. ad nausem.